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South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Cosmetic Consultations, Invisalign Consulations, and Sedations Consultations – Complimentary!

Going to the dentists office can be a scary thing for anyone, no matter what gender or age you are.  Imagine if you wanted to have major cosmetic work that you would possibly be making a large investment on – both financially and aesthetically.  Would you trust your smile to just anyone?

I like to compare dental work (or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter) to a relationship:

(1) It needs to begin on a solid foundation
(2) It is a major decision that involves a great deal of thought, research, and
(3) You want to choose the right person

Choosing the wrong dentist that lacks experience, in exchange for price shopping, so-called “good deals,” and to-good-to-be-true offers can leave you in pain, in debt, and could cost more money out of pocket in the long run!

When going to a dental office, ask yourself what really matters to you, and what would you want for your long-term care? Most patients have little to no knowledge of what is involved in the treatment of their mouths.  It is best to leave it up to the professionals to gear you toward several treatment options for you.  Most of the better quality dental offices will not quote a price, or even an estimate, without first being seen by a cosmetic dentist for a consultation/evaluation.  There are just too many variables involved to guess.

A patient must also consider that this is a long-term investment for their health and confidence.  Sometimes the better dental offices charge slightly more, because the materials and labs used are of a higher quality than their competitors.  Also, make sure to thoroughly research the dentist and their credentials.  A very important indicator of good cosmetic dental work, is a dentist that has a large portfolio of work that they have done over the years.  If you visit many websites and see no credentials, only see a minimal amount of before and after photos, or no photos and only testimonials; be weary.

Many dentists also use what are called “stock photos” on their websites.  These pictures are not their own, but they are photos of models that anyone can purchase online to put on their smile galleries.  The photos that South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry use are all of our actual patients that have given us expilcit permission to use their images.

The reason the South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry offers complimentary cosmetic consultations is because we are confident in our dentists, our staff, and the exceptional treatment that we provide.  The consultation (which is valued at $200) is a great way for our future patients to (1) visit and tour our offices, (2) meet with our friendly staff and dental team, (3) discuss their concerns and case with one of our skilled cosmetic dentists, and (4) get a basic idea of the cost and time frame that their treatment will need.  The appointment is generally 20-30 minutes, and you will fill out paperwork like a regular patient.

Some patients that travel in from out of town/state/country opt to combine their initial cosmetic consultation with their exam, x-rays, and sometimes even their case presentations (if time is a concern).  If you wish to combine appointments, let the office know when scheduling.  This appointment can range anywhere from 1 hour, to several hours if a case presentation is involved.

What are good questions/topics to ask the cosmetic dentist?  What can you do for me cosmetically?  What are my treatment options?  How long will the treatment take (approximately)?  What is the rough estimated cost?  What cases (photos) do you have to show me that are similar to mine?  What lab and materials will be used?  What are the benefits of this treatment?  When can I get started?

The road to beautiful teeth and an amazing smile are not out of reach for anyone.  We have helped numerous amounts of patients, see the way toward a smile that they are proud to show off.  Let us find out how we can help you with your Complimentary Cosmetic ConsultationCall or email our office today!