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Dr. Nottingham Patient Reviews

Read and listen to Dr. Nottingham’s happy patients!

Everything was perfect! You get a beautiful smile. I always look at teeth. A smile brings out the beauty in people. Coming was very relaxing. They make you feel at home and comfortable.


I now have the beautiful healthy smile I only have dreamed of.”


I love my smile. It is now a wonderful asset socially and in my business!


This was the best thing I could have done! It is wonderful being with Dr. Nottingham. It meant a lot to me. You couldn’t find a better doctor and you could not be in better hands.


Your skillful hands painlessly transformed my embarrassing teeth into beautifully crafted little works of art that I love.


I realized a change in my whole being… In essence, it was not a matter of being well; it was a matter of well being… It started as a personal thing; it is now an asset.


Today I know I have beautiful teeth and it makes me very happy. Dr. Nottingham makes you feel very comfortable. You see your face totally change. You will be more confident. For me, it is easy to smile all the time!


He is very gentle and it was pain free. Everyone tells me I have a nice smile, so I say, “Go see Dr. Nottingham.” It is easier to smile.


I am so grateful to you for the…incredible magic you have accomplished. Most importantly, I am so happy and honored to meet such a wonderful human being like you. You will have a very special place in my heart as long as I live.


You have no idea how much confidence and self-esteem that your professionally functional and artistic work has done for me….When I look in the mirror my teeth are the focal point of my feeling and looking younger….


I am so thrilled with my new mouth! I feel just like a movie star… Thank you so much for your expert and creative dentistry…. It was truly a pleasure to be in your office interacting with you and your wonderful staff.


Dr. Nottingham is a special dentist and his work is impeccable. I would and have recommended him to my friends and family. I trust his opinion and work. I love my new look and feel of my porcelain veneers.


Thank you for making me have a beautiful smile. You are awesome!


I absolutely love my smile and teeth. Equally important, my family and friends compliment my smile which makes me feel wonderful. The compliment is really upon you for your professional dental work; your attention to detail is superb and your cosmetic dental skills are very artistic…. You never stop showing your remarkable care, compassion
and excellence in dentistry.