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Extreme Makeovers

ABC’s Dental Extreme Makeovers and Fox’s the Swan have brought cosmetic dentistry to the forefront of people’s minds. Dental extreme makeovers are complex cases which involves a series of treatments. What makes an extreme makeover dentist? Often, our Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton cosmetic dentists will work together to provide patients the best cosmetic results. Two of our photo gallery cases have been published in national dental magazines.

ABC’s Dental Extreme Makeovers Lab Testimonial

DaVinci Studios (da Vinci Studios) is the dental lab service featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeovers and Fox’s the Swan. For the last twenty years, our offices have been working with daVinci Studios to reconstruct thousands of smiles. Recently, we had the distinct honor of being selected by the owners of daVinci Studios to do a full mouth reconstruction on their mother:

“…your preparations and impressions exceed perfection [for our Mother]… If the Extreme Makeovers show was filmed in Florida, I am sure you would be the providing dentist.”

ABC Extreme Makeover Lab Testimonial

“For my son (owner of da Vinci Dental Studios) to send me here… it meant a lot to me….
You couldn’t find a better doctor and you couldn’t be in better hands….”

Mrs. Materdomini
da Vinci Dental Lab’s owners’ Mother
Featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover
South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

It was, indeed, our pleasure and delight to have been chosen to care for Mrs. Materdomini. We appreciate the confidence da Vinci Studios has in us. We continue to strive to achieve the highest success for all of our patients. In the spirit of ABC’s Extreme Makeover, we have provided below for you some examples of our extreme makeovers.

A Business Professional Extreme Makeover

As a business professional, the smile is the principal focal point of all communication and expression. A compromised smile can often negatively affect one’s self-esteem and image. Fortunately, with a skilled dentist using today’s best materials and technologies, this issue can safely be resolved.

The patient, below, wanted an extreme makeover. He came in with severe misalignment, failing porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers, and discoloration.

Example of Dental Extreme Makeover

An impression was taken of the patients teeth and a model was fabricated. We actually drilled on the model teeth and waxed up the entire case to approximate the patients finished smile before we did any work on his mouth.


We performed Instant Orthodontics with the use of all porcelain crowns. The left lateral tooth was simulated to look like the left central (left front tooth). We made the left premolar tooth look like a canine.

Upon completion, the patient stated,

“I realized a change in my whole being… In essence, it was not a matter of being well; it was a matter of well being… It started as a personal thing; it is now an asset.”

An Extreme Makeover Wedding

Just a few days before getting married, the below patient needed an extreme makeover.

 Extreme Makeover

We worked on the patient’s smile on a Thursday, and just two days later he got married. We changed his upper and lower bite. Keep in mind, however, the below pictures are only temporaries, and he loved how handsome he looked for his wedding.

Extreme Makeover Dental Lab “Extreme Team” Award

The plaque (below) was awarded to us from the ABC Extreme Makeover Dental Lab, da Vinci, in appreciation for the cosmetic dentistry we performed on the owners’ mother and the many years we’ve worked together with da Vinci Studios in restoring thousands of smiles.

ABC Extreme Makeover Award


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