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Instant Orthodontics

Perfect Teeth Without Braces In Less Than a Month with Instant Orthodontics

Through advancements of adhesive dental technology, our cosmetic dentists can give many patients the extreme makeover they always wanted without having to wear braces for several years.

Instant Orthodontics (or “Instant Ortho”) is a new term coined to describe the process of using porcelain veneers, crowns, and/or bridges to correct modest to extreme missing or crowded teeth. The process can take as little as three weeks.

Instant Orthodontics Fort Lauderdale 

Case Study: Diastema – a diastema is a wide space or gap between the two upper front teeth. Patient (above) did not want braces; therefore, we performed Instant Orthodontics. His tissue was at different heights and the teeth had poor shape and angulations. We evened his tissue heights and placed laminates and crowns. Our patient said:

I am so grateful to you for the…incrediable magic you have accomplished. Most importantly, I am so happy and honored to meet such a wonderful human being like you. You will have a very special place in my heart as long as I live.

The Instant Orthodontics Process

  1. Evaluation: Not everyone is a candidate for Instant Orthodontics.
  2. Consideration: Alternatives should be considered, including, but not limited to, traditional orthodontics and Invisalign.
  3. Examination: If Instant Orthodontics is the ultimate decision, the patient should have a complete examination (x-ray, digital photos, and models of teeth).
  4. Visualization: Digital rendering and/or physical wax ups may provide patient with an idea of the end result. Below, is an example of a wax model used to help dentist and patient visualize the future smile. Note, temporary veneers and crowns can be adapted from the wax model, so the patient can see how he or she looks with respect to length and shape.
  5. Temporaries: Before completion, temporary veneers are placed on the patient. The patient leaves with a preview of the final new smile.
  6. Permanents: Next visit, the temporary veneers are replaced with the permanent veneers. These veneers (usually daVinci veneers), are examined, measured, and carefully bonded to the teeth.
  7. Completion: Lastly, the patient glides home with a luminous smile.


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Another Instant Ortho Example:

Case Study: Crowded Teeth – we took impressions and made a model of the patient’s teeth. We widened the arch of the patient on the model. The result was Instant Orthodontics. An implant was also placed in the upper left molar area to add an extra tooth for improved aesthetic and increased chewing efficiency. Our patient said:

I am so thrilled with my new mouth! I feel just like a movie star… Thank you so much for your expert and creative dentistry…. It was truly a pleasure to be in your office interacting with you and your wondeful staff.