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Are you ready to restore your oral health or make over your smile, but dental anxiety is holding you back?

Avoiding the dentist often results in the development of complex dental problems that can have a detrimental affect on daily quality of life. Damaged teeth, gum disease, and lost teeth can impact diet, speech and overall health!

Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist Dr. Nottingham understands the struggles his patients with dental anxiety face when visiting his dentist office and offers sedation dentistry options to ensure their comfort during treatments.

Dr. Nottingham offers oral sedation and nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, as alternatives for patients needing or desiring sedation. Oral sedation is administered in pill form and allows patients to be in control of their body while in a state of deep relaxation.

An inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide also allows patients to remain in a “conscious, awake” state, but it has several benefits for patients choosing this method of sedated:

  • The depth of sedation can be altered at any time to increase or decrease sedation.
  • There is no after effect such as a “hangover”
  • Considered safe with no side effects on your heart or lungs
  • It is very effective in minimizing gagging
  • It works rapidly, reaching the brain within 20 seconds and relaxing patients within 2-3 minutes.

During a consultation, Dr. Nottingham will discuss your medical history to ensure that your a candidate for nitrous oxide to prevent any possible complications.

Sedation dentistry is an important facet of modern dentistry, and has been enabling patients with severe dental anxiety to maintain their oral health for over 30 years! In most cases, patients have no memory of their treatment and can resume their normal routine within hours.

Ready for a beautiful, healthy smile again? If you have been avoiding the dentist, come in for a visit with Dr. Nottingham and discuss your options for sedation to ensure your comfort during a dental procedure.