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YouTube Launch – Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentist

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – The cosmetic dentistry practice of South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry has launched a series of YouTube videos which have proven to be very popular. The videos are designed to inform patients about the practice and demonstrate the services they provide; many have been viewed more than 1,000 times.

“We uploaded some of the videos to YouTube a while ago, but we’ve been stunned at how many people have viewed them,” says Dr. Charles Nottingham, a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry. “They’ve been getting 1,000 to 3,000 views!  Clearly there are a lot of people on the Internet who are hungry for information about cosmetic dentistry.”

CBS 4 News: A clip from CBS 4 News describes the Ultimate Makeovers project, a program that Dr. Nottingham, a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist, helped to establish.  Every year the Ultimate Makeovers Team performs a pro-bono makeover for a deserving member of the community whose income falls 200% below the national poverty line. Components of the makeover may include plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and personal training. The CBS 4 clip describes how the program was inspired when a girl wrote to South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry about how her mother needed cosmetic dentistry.  The girl described how her mother wouldn’t leave the house and couldn’t find a job because of her smile.

Smile Gallery: Another YouTube clip features South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry’s Smile Gallery:  a series of before and after pictures of various patients, showing how significantly the cosmetic dentists at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry have improved their patients’ smiles.  The transformations of some of them patients are quite dramatic. You won’t believe it’s the same person!  The Smile Gallery video has 1,042 views.

Florida’s Extreme Makeover Dentist: This short clip gives prospective patients an overview of South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry’s practice and includes testimonials from former patients who describe the work they had done and how they are complimented on their smiles.  The video also features a clip from an interview with Daniel Materdomini, the CEO of da Vinci Studios, the dental lab for ABC’s Extreme Makeover show.  He explains how he has seen Dr. Nottingham transform lives. Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist Dr. Nottingham himself appears and describes how they strive to make each patient feel comfortable and at home in the office. This video has nearly 1,000 views.