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In most parts of the country, the spring and summer months mark a very busy time for dental teeth whitening. At South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, we live in a perpetually warm-year-round climate. People go to the beach and are outdoors throughout the year here, and sport a glowing healthy tan and pearly white teeth to match.

This stands to reason that we not only see a large amount of bookings for the at-home tray whitening, but also the more popular in-office ZOOM! whitening procedures. Both of these methods are equally as efficient in producing the desired level of whiteness to the teeth, however, the ZOOM! method only takes 2 hours in the office, as opposed to a week-or-so at home with the trays.

Even more, with the upcoming holidays and New Year’s right around the corner, many patients are booking ZOOM! for themselves and their families. This is the perfect time of year to have that beautiful white celebrity smile. Professional whitening will help remove the past years’ stains from wine, tea, etc., and make all of your pictures look brighter.

Dental whitening is also a vital step to take prior to having any cosmetic dental work done, such as porcelain crowns or veneers. Since the porcelain will not whiten with the use of bleaching materials, many patients opt to get their whitening done prior so that they may match their crowns, etc.

It is always a good idea to try to have the whitening done professionally if you can. Even with all of the less expensive methods out there on the market today, the best option for your teeth is to go with the professionals. With the ZOOM! whitening especially, it is monitored in the office by a dentist and a dental assistant to ensure decreased sensitivity, and to achieve the maximum level of whiteness.

When a patient calls our office to schedule an appointment, we always make sure to ask if the patient is a new or current patient. If they are new to the office, we need to get a new patient dental history, the doctor needs to perform an exam, and x-rays need to be taken. Prior to the ZOOM! the patient will also have a cleaning to remove any excess debris and plaque, and create a clean surface for the whitening product to adhere. If the patient has come from another office, and has records of a clean bill of dental health by their previous dentist (no cavities, no periodontal problems) and they have had a cleaning within the past six months, we can possibly make an exception to wave these procedures. South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry reserves the right to refuse treatment.

At South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, we care about saving our patients money. To say thank you to all of our new and current patients for being so great this past year, we are offering some Holiday Whitening Specials:

These specials are good until February 1st, 2009. Call or email for more details and to book your appointment today! Happy Holidays from South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry!!