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I often wondered why it is that people put off dentistry. I think I now have some answers to this age old dilemma.

I have a husband who loves Dr.Nottingham and Dr. Anenberg. Somehow it is literally like pulling teeth to get him to the dentist. In his case it is always job related. I know this for a fact. Yes I do, I was there to witness this fiasco.

Last year, we experienced what many other people go through as far as their teeth. My charming husband (who by the way, loves getting his teeth cleaned ) was told by Dr. Nottingham that he had a three sided molar filling to do. Don’t laugh, this was two years ago. “Mr. I’m too busy at work” could not spare the time. I guess you can figure out the rest of this story. For those of you who cannot, let me elaborate: “Mr. I’m too busy at work” waited over a year to come in.

What have we now? A root canal $1300, surgical crown lengthening $1500, a post, and a “lava” ( all porcelain) crown. While I do realize that my husband works hard and makes good money. We are not the Trump family. I was frustrated with him. A $200 plus filling could have avoided this. I personally would have rather been in the Bahama’s sipping a nice drink with the money that his procrastination cost us.

Yesterday, I myself had dental pain on the lower right. Last evening, I had a throbbing toothache (or so it appeared as a toothache). While many thoughts ran through my head as to what would cause this. My teeth are in “South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry” shape. I was perplexed. I pulled out the floss and went to town. I am also a casualty of being too busy at work. That’s another story.

I know I floss but I too was a little past due for my cleaning. While I said to myself it is only a month or two since I got my recare card, why was my mouth hurting so bad? I spoke to a team member who reminded me that I work for the best Dentist’s in the country, and if they come in on the weekends (for extreme emergencies) why not me?? I flossed again and was happy to say that a small sesame seed was the culprit. I woke up feeling much better. My tissue is swollen. I will be getting my hygiene ASAP. No excuses for me. So you see, dental pain can come swiftly and cause all kinds of fear. Most times it is just simply a minor problem. I am here to say: Check it out and see your hygienist as well as your dentist often. Delaying can cause pain and added expense.