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With summer just beginning, people are looking for a bright white smile. The two major whitening alternatives are tray whitening and Zoom! whitening. The advantage of Zoom! is that it takes just a couple of hours to perform.

In addition the desire for a white smile, many businesses are slow in the summer and need more business leads. So, one way to whiten your teeth and increase business is to attend the South Florida Chamber of Commerce EXPO at the Bank Atlantic Center on June 26, 2008.

At the EXPO, South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry will be raffling away a complimentary Zoom! Whitening, including the necessary dental examination and cleaning required prior to treatment. The combined treatment retails at $1,000.

The Broward County Chamber of Commerce, The South Florida Chamber of Commerce, & Many Other World Class Organizations are hosting, “The Largest South Florida Business EXPO Ever!” This event will be held at the Bank Atlantic Center at One Panther Parkway Sunrise, Florida 33323. The public is welcome to attend from 4PM to 9PM ($10 admittance fee).