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Top Cosmetic Dentist – Contemporary Esthetics Magazine

Top Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Charles Nottingham, as featured in Contemporary Esthetics Magazine

ABC’s Extreme Makeover Dental Lab Service, daVinci Studios, featured our top cosmetic dentistDr. Charles Nottingham, in the below national dental publication. This feature was published in Contemporary Esthetics and Restorative Practice Magazine in the October 2002 (Vol. 6, No. 10) issue, on page 49, as top cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Nottingham's as top cosmetic dentist

ABC’s Extreme Makeover Dental Lab Testimonial

DaVinci Studios (da Vinci Studios) is the dental lab service featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover and Fox’s the Swan. For the last twenty years, our offices have been working with daVinci Studios to reconstruct thousands of smiles. Recently, we had the distinct honor of being selected by the owners’ of daVinci Studios to do a full mouth reconstruction on their mother:

“…your preparations and impressions exceed perfection [for our Mother]…
If the Extreme Makeover show was filmed in Florida,
I am sure you would be the providing dentist.”


[click here for the full da Vinci testimonial]



Extreme Makeover Dental Lab “Extreme Team” Award

The plaque (below) was awarded to us from the ABC Extreme Makeover Dental Lab, da Vinci, in appreciation for the cosmetic dentistry we performed on the owners’ mother and the many years we’ve worked together with da Vinci Studios in restoring thousands of smiles.

Da Vinci Award