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Why do people hold back from getting braces? Because the tools worn to fix these malocclusions, like gaps, overlaps and rotations, are noticeable and make people’s teeth issue, that much more evident. Though braces turn out wonderful results, people are usually not ready for the multi-year commitment to a metal exterior. Looking unattractive for a couple of years is better than having problems with your teeth forever. But people have waited too long. They are older now, with an important job and a family. Fortunately, there is Invisalign that generates the same results as braces and is invisible and removable. This post will tackle some important questions about Invisalign and lend some important information to anyone searching to upgrade that smile.

The way Invisalign works is a series of snap-on aligners that can be removed and are custom fit to your teeth. Multiple trays get the job done by applying the appropriate amount of force, until you will put a new tray in. The process begins with a dentist like Dr. Anenberg taking pictures of your teeth. Invisalign then computer generates the process of what your teeth will look like when the process is complete. That is awesome technology! Align Technologies, Invisalign’s manufacturer, then takes this computer progression and makes aligners or trays to match the result of the images.

You switch trays every two weeks. You don’t have to go into the dentist to do this; they usually will give you all of your trays and ask you to come in about every 6 to 8 weeks for continual process involvement and to make sure the aligners are straightening properly. Side note: Once your treatment is complete you will be most likely required to wear a “clear” retainer, also made by Invisalign. Dr. Anenberg and South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry will discuss their actual treatment recommendations and progressive dental visits.

The cost of Invisalign is not cheap, but it is comparable to other devices worn to straighten teeth. Dentists will charge different amounts for Invisalign braces, because Align technology sells individually to each dentist. This causes you to have to shop more and make sure you understand why the dentist charges so much. Invisalign Express is also a great option for milder Malocclusions. In order to find out what your treatment will cost your best bet is to talk to Dr. Anenberg or come in for a consultation.

You can take your aligners out when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. The more people take them out and the less you wear them, the worse off you will be. Sometimes people have had to go back a few trays in their Invisalign treatment stalling their progression. So don’t make it a habit to take them out and when you do only leave them out for a half hour.

We let you know about cost, the process, the trays and treatment. Now it is time to fix those teeth. Your best bet to see if the Invisalign treatment is a good direction for your issue is to have a consultation with Dr. Anenberg or a dentist in your area. Keep in mind this is not the holy grail of teeth straightening. There will still be discomfort and visibility. You will have speech issues the first week, and before your mouth gets used to it you will salivate a lot. Consulting your dentist or Dr. Anenberg is the best way to resolve these issues and to talk about getting the Invisalign Treatment.

Article Written for South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry by Blake Abel

Mr. Abel is the lead editor at https://www.antibraces.com. Mr. Abel’s website is committed to informing the public about Invisalign and seeking out the best Invisalign dentists to provide this procedure.