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South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry is offering a limited time summer Invisalign special to both new and current patients.

Many patients want to have the benefits of a beautiful straight smile, but do not want to be inconvenienced with wearing unsightly metal braces for several years. This is where the Invisalign method can make a difference. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces, where the patient uses a series of clear aligners that are custom molded to fit the patient’s teeth. The aligners are gradually repositioned over time to adjust the smile and give the desired result.

In contrast to traditional braces that are permanently fixed into the mouth during treatment, Invisalign braces are removable during eating and to brush the teeth. Heather, Marketing & Guest Services Coordinator for the South Florida Dentist, and current Invisalign patient said, “I wanted to have straight teeth for my upcoming wedding, but there was no way that I would be caught wearing metal braces for several years. This is my chance to have straight teeth in a short amount of time without anyone knowing that I am even wearing braces.

Currently, South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry is offering a 25% off regular price special on Invisalign treatment that will run until September 1st, 2009. This offers a huge savings to the patient, especially since Invisalign is typically not covered by many dental insurance plans.

Dr. Kenneth Anenberg is the premier Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentist at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, who specializes in the Invisalign treatment for patients. When discussing with Dr. Anenberg the reasoning for this discounted special, Dr. Anenberg mentioned that “there are so many patients who really need help, but cannot regularly afford this treatment…. This is their opportunity to get Invisalign.

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The cosmetic dentists at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry have offices in Broward County and West Palm Beach and provide Boca Raton Dentistry, Fort Lauderdale Dentistry and Miami Dentistry. The dentists specialize in dental aesthetics including porcelain veneers, dental implants, extreme makeovers Invisalign, and sedation dentistry.

About Dr. Charles Nottingham

Charles Nottingham, D.D.S., Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, is an internationally and nationally renowned cosmetic dentist. He has been creating dazzling, healthy smiles for his patients since 1974.

About Dr. Kenneth Anenberg

Besides being an excellent cosmetic dentist, Dr. Anenberg specializes in Invisalign, a revolutionary alternative to metal braces, and sedation dentistry & sleep dentistry.