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Discolored, Chipped, Worn, Poor Form, Misaligned, Spacial & Occlusion Problem

This patients upper had worn, shipped, discolored, and poor shaped teeth. The lower had poor arch had poor shape, color and spacial problems. The previous dentist tried to close a large diastema (space) on the lower with two very wide front teeth which the patient hated. The patient had an poor occlusion.

Porcelain Dental Bridge Ft. Lauderdale

Procedure: I did a diagnostic wax up before I ever proceeded with this case.

I restored the patient to proper esthetics and occlusion with porcelain laminates, porcelain crowns. An all porcelain bridge was placed in the lower anterior, so to obtain the proper shape, size, and esthetics.

This patient told me, he was selected for a very important sales position because they thought he had a wonderful smile.