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Flared Teeth

This young, aspiring Model, was told: (in order have a top modeling job in Europe, she needed to correct her smile immediately.)

The patient did not want, nor have time for orthodontics. This patient had poorly shaped, hypocalcified, discolored teeth. Her two laterals were flared and the patient showed too much gums.

Discolored Teeth Fort Lauderdale

Procedure: I did a diagnostic wax up to make sure that we could obtain the desired results. Her tissue was raised with a gingevectomy, to display more tooth structure. Her upper arch was widened (bring out the teeth more facially), by changing the angulation of the porcelain crowns and veneers. We also changed the shape and color of her teeth with DaVince Veneers.

This young, beautiful model, now has a wonderful future with that Hollywood smile she always desired.

Classification: Flared Teeth

Flared Teeth