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Diastema – Cosmetic Dentistry Fort Lauderdale

diastema is a space or “gap,” most often between the two upper front teeth. At some stages of dental development, it’s normal to have a diastema, and the space eventually closes after the eruption of the permanent canine teeth. However, in some people, it does not.

Diastema Fort Lauderdale

Procedure: Patient did not want braces; therefore, we performed Instant Orthodontics. His tissue was at different heights and the teeth had poor shape and angulations. We evened his tissue heights and placed laminates and crowns.

Testimonial: “I am so grateful to you for the…incredible magic you have accomplished. Most importantly, I am so happy and honored to meet such a wonderful human being like you. You will have a very special place in my heart as long as I live.”

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