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Boca Raton Dental Implants

Fort Lauderdale dental implants

Missing many teeth can cause an unsightly appearance, moderate loss of function, and eventual colapse of the bite. Periodontal disease, significant soft tissue and bone shrinkage, failed crowns and veneers, and cavities can cause the missing of teeth.

Procedure: An impression was taken of the patients teeth and a model was fabricated. We actually drilled on the model teeth and waxed up the entire case to approximate the patients finished smile before we did any work in the mouth. We performed Instant Orthodontics with the use of all porcelain crowns. The left lateral was simulated to look like the left central (left front tooth). We made the left premolar look like a canine. This case is an example of an Extreme Makeover.

Testimonial: “I realized a change in my whole being… In essence, it was not a matter of being well; it was a matter of well being… It started as a personal thing; it is now an asset.”

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Boca Raton Dental Implants