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Finding Dr. Nottingham was like finding a “Pot of Gold”. My new smile is “priceless”. Dr. Nottingham is a perfectionist, he pays very close attention to the little details that make a difference. The result is a natural looking smile.

As soon as you enter his office, Dr. Nottngham makes you feel part of the South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry family. Everyone is warm and friendly.

He has convenient morning hours for people who work like myself. I can honestly say that Dr. Nottingham strictly adheres to his scheduled appointment time. I have never been late for work in the two plus years that I have been using his office.

I recommend Dr. Nottingham to anyone who wants to make a difference in his/her own smile. All you need is some money and some time. Dr. Nottingham and his staff will take care of the rest. The result will be a beautiful, natural looking smile for all of the world to see, while in the care of warm, attentive and friendly people.

Review of Dr. Charles Nottingham – General Dentist
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