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Pankey Dentist Alumni

Pankey Dentist, Dr. Charles Nottingham

Pankey Dentist, Dr. Charles Nottingham

The Pankey Institute is a world renowned dental continuing education school. The Pankey Institute has been training advanced cosmetic dentists to be a Pankey Dentist for over 35 years; whereas, the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) has only been in existence for 10 years. Some of the top dentists in the world teach at the Pankey Institute. They teach students the latest technological advances in dentistry. Pankey-trained dentists are taught to be patient centered, which means treating patients as individuals, taking the time to carefully listen, and dedicating their efforts to eliminating discomfort (both physically and emotionally). The goal is to provide patients with a lifetime of health, comfort, and beauty with the least possible treatment.Our top cosmetic (Extreme Makeover) dentist, Dr. Charles Nottingham, is a graduate from the Pankey Institute and a member of the LD Pankey Alumni Association. Dr. Nottingham, a Pankey Dentist, has completed more than 200 Pankey Credit Hours, which includes both the full Pankey Continuum Core Courses and Advanced Pankey Courses. The following are some of the courses Dr. Nottingham took at the Pankey Institute:

Pankey Dentist Fort Lauderdale - Dr. Nottingham

  • The New Patient Experience – a comprehensive journey about making connections: esthetics, cosmetics, occlusion, heath
  • Splints, Occlusion and Advanced Diagnosis – differential diagnosis in functional esthetics and treatment planning
  • Anterior Restorative Dentistry Function and Esthetics – diagnosis, planning and completion of the complex anterior restorative case
  • Posterior Restorative Consideration – increase case acceptance through communication.

Besides being a Pankey Dentist, Dr. Nottingham continues to enhance his dental education through his involvement with theIntracoastal Dental Study Club, which is a division of the Seattle Study Club, and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. To learn more about Dr. Nottingham, click here.