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My family and I love coming here. The facility is modern, clean and relaxing. We are generally seen within 5-10 minutes of our appointment. We’ve had two pain-free visits, great oral health advice and expert care.

I have recommended them to my family and friends.

About Hygienist: I watched a cool nature show while I was with my hygienist yesterday. Check this out. In Antarctica during Penguin mating season, the male Penguins call out for the females. When a female decides to get with the male, she walks up beside him and strikes pose. The male will join her in the statue-like pose for a few moments before the go off to…ahem….”handle business”. Once the female lays the egg, she leaves to go get warm and the MALES incubate the egg until its born. The impregnated males huddle together in a massive circle to protect their unborn during the brutal 45 below winters in Antarctica. Yup, I learned that while my hygienist was cleaning my teeth. The really is a great place.

Review of Dr. Charles Nottingham – Cosmetic Dentist
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