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Mild Sedation Dentistry Fort Lauderdale has been helping both men and women of various ages get into the dental chair despite years of dental-phobia. Dental-phobia affects roughly 30-50% of American’s, many of whom desperately need the treatment they are too afraid to seek, and aren’t aware that today there are options available to make the experience much more comfortable. Two tiny tablets can reduce your dental anxiety and allow you to enjoy a healthier, happier, brighter smile!

Dental-phobia’s are brought on by a number of factors and can be triggered by several different senses–from the sound of the dentist’s drill to the smell of the dental office, memories of past traumatic dental experiences to fear of shots–Mild Sedation dentistry can help you get through everything from a simple check-up and cleaning to more invasive procedures. Dr. Nottingham works with each patient to tailor fit the approach to each treatment to meet each patient’s medical and emotional needs.

Ready to get your smile on without at the anxiety of a dental visit? Consider Mild Sedation Dentistry Fort Lauderdale and contact our office today.