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Hollywood A-Lister’s Still Need a Little Help from Their Neighborhood Cosmetic Dentists

With so much film, media, and magazine exposure these days, Hollywood celebrities are zero-ing in on making every aspect of their physical exterior an image of perfection. Their smiles are certainly no exception!

Advances in technology over the past years have allowed dentists to create flawless grins for people, while still looking and feeling natural. These celebrity smiles can range from a few thousand dollars for a minor adjustment, to the extreme makeover cases of $50,000 or more for their toothy treasures.

And while some celebrities use their signature snaggle-teeth to their advantage, in most cases their new cosmetic dental work is a vast improvement as they jolt into super stardom. Here are a few examples of some celebrities that had smile makeovers:

Note: None of these celebrities are South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry patients.

(1) Elliot Yamin

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

This past American Idol contestant was once known for two things. An amazing voice, and terrible teeth. Now, with the help of cosmetic dentistry and over $50,000 in porcelain veneers, his career has soared into an oblivion of success. Now, when we see him in his videos and performances, his fabulous voice is accompanied by a celebrity smile.

(2) Miley Cyrus

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

This “Hannah Montana” superstar is idolized by kids and their parents alike. She is considered the next generation of media moguls that is taking our world by storm. Once she began gaining popularity in her show and concerts, she opted to make the switch to a more sightly smile. She is believed to have gotten veneers and a surgery to elongate the teeth and fix the “gummy smile” look.

(3) George Clooney

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, and Crown Lengthening

This self-proclaimed lifelong bachelor once made a joke about getting surgery done on his eyes to make him look younger. It seems like his teeth were a more immediate concern for both aesthetic and physical reasons. As quoted by Dr. Abenaim (starmagazine.com), he believes that Clooney was a tooth grinder which was one cause for the actor to seek a cosmetic change. Aside from the veneers, the Dr. also suggests that Clooney had crown lengthening surgery, a surgical procedure done that brings the gumline up to expose more teeth. This work is estimated at anywhere from $30,000-35,000. Now we love you even more Georgie!

(4) Keith Urban

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

Before his days of super stardom and being the arm candy for gorgeous wife Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s teeth were far from perfect. Doctor’s believe that Urban had porcelain veneers placed over his choppers to create a far more pleasing effect. He had what dentist’s refer to a diastema, or large space between his teeth. While the veneers have improved his look, his dentist did a good job creating a natural look and left a little signature gap in the front.

(5) Katherine Heigl

Smile Makeover Method: Invisalign®

When it came to looking beautiful for her on screen wedding in 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl didn’t need to do much. For her own wedding, Heigl complained that she did not want to wed with crooked teeth. She decided to opt for Invisalign, a series of clear, removable aligners that are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces. As of April 2008, 730,000 patients have completed, or are currently in Invisalign treatment.