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Miami cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Nottingham and his staff at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry have recently seen a surge in the number of patients from abroad.  “The countries we see the most patients from are the Bahamas, Bermuda, Curacao, Grand Cayman, and all the Caribbean islands, the U.K., France, Germany, Ireland, India, Turkey, Sweden, and Switzerland,” says Dr. Nottingham. “However the country which has sent us the most patients recently is Russia.”

Some Russian patients come to South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry for general dentistry services, but most are interested in cosmetic procedures. Veneers are the most popular procedure, but implants and teeth whitening are also big. “The patients tell me that they cannot get these kind of services back home or that the quality of their cosmetic dentistry is not good,” explains Dr. Nottingham. “Sometimes they even pay more than they would back in Russia, but they know that we will do a good job, so they are confident that it is money that is well spent.”

International patients find their way to Dr. Nottingham in a variety of ways.  They may locate him when searching on “best cosmetic dentist Florida” in Google or when looking at reviews on Yelp or Dr. Oogle.  Many of the patients are repeat customers or have received recommendations from family and friends.

Recognizing that international patients face logistical obstacles, the staff at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry is available to lend a helping hand.  They often make travel and hotel arrangements for international patients.  The office can make special arrangements with upscale hotels and provides recommendations for area spas, attractions, fun activities, and businesses.  “Traveling can be tiring, so we want to help make it as pleasant and stress-free as possible.” says Fort Lauderdale, FL cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nottingham. The practice’s staff will also expedite appointments or set up schedules that will allow patients to get their needed services in the timeframe available.

In fact, the staff at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry treats every patient like a VIP.  The practice’s VIP service provides warm and cold beverages, snacks, blankets, DVD movies, and soothing music on an iPod.

As a Miami cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nottingham also offers his patients all the benefits of a Florida vacation.  Patients can combine their dental work with trips to Florida’s beaches or numerous other attractions, including theme parks. Many patients are snow birds who own vacation properties in Florida.

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