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I just used my trays with the Day White applicator provided to me by my dentist. This is powerful stuff!

First observation is that it is a bit tricky twisting the clear plastic cap off and replacing it with the mixing nozzle. The clear plastic cap of the syringe needs to be twisted then pulled away from it. After that, the mixing nozzle needs to be placed on the top of the syringe where the two circles meet and then twisted to lock. Perhaps, I can get one of our dentists to demonstrate in a video, and I can post it here.

The next step, which I need to double check with the dentist, is to place small “teardrop” amounts of gel in each compartment of the tray. I did that, but I may have put too much. After I put the tray on with the gel, I kept having to spit. I will see if this is usual. Maybe, I put too much gel.

I was given to sets of gel, 9.5% and 7.5% hydrogen peroxide. I was told to use the 9.5%, unless I felt discomfort. If discomfort occurred, I was instructed to use the 7.5%. In addition, I was told to brush for at least a week with the fluoride toothpaste to strengthen my teeth.

Nevertheless, after about 5 minutes, I did start to feel a little discomfort. My teeth started to feel sensitive. I will double check with the doctor to ascertain whether this is normal. The sensitivity did go away after 15 minutes, but I decided to stop treatment after at around 30 minutes. The minimum is 30 minutes and the maximum is 60 minutes, twice a day.

Another day, I tried the 7.5%. I did not feel any discomfort. That 3% made a big difference. I still had to spit, but the doctor said this is normal. Dr. Anenberg said I could either spit or swallow. Actually, I saw him the other day wearing the whitening trays. That was kinda cool.

After only three days, I saw a big difference. I will continue treatment again. It is just difficult to remember. The Zoom Whitening treatment is faster, but I do not have patience to sit in a chair for a couple of hours. I guess you gotta sacrifice to have nice bright white teeth!