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Many of us have been affected by the latest news with our economy.

Because I work in dentistry, I was concerned as to how this current situation affects the Dental field.  In the past economic times many people prolonged dental treatment for reasons such as fear, work schedules and more.

Now with the current economic situation we should all be more proactive with our dental care.  Many of us still have jobs that offer dental insurance.  We must take advantage of this benefit.  I find that a lot of patients unknowingly waste their yearly benefits.  I imagine that this is due to work conflicts and such. If we are all pulling together in these tough economic times, one way is to utilize these dental benefits.

Many of us receive $1500- $2000 dollars in benefits per year.   Why not get my two cleanings per year?  Why not get that filling fixed before the decay infects the nerve?  Most fillings are affordable.  It is when we procrastinate that simple fillings become much more.  These costs CAN be avoided by doing our fillings soon after diagonosis.

I say to myself, do I not deserve to have my dental needs met?  We always find time to get to our children’s ballgames and such.  We must remember that we, as well as our little ones deserve to be decay free.

If our employer is offering these benefits, then our dental needs must  be a prioity. Why let the insurance companies keep my money!  Do not think that the insurance companies do not revel in the fact that so many of us do not use our yearly benefits.  Personally, I plan on having my bondings done before the year ends.   Why not?  If I deserve it why not you?  Our dental office opens at 7am and we finish at 6pm.