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Our cosmetic dental practice focuses on extreme makeovers. We take teeth in the worst condition imaginable and change them into a movie star-like smile.

Similarly, our website just undergone an extreme makeover by the hands of Benek Lisefski. Benek stripped our website of redundant material and simplified it into a sleek, modern, and user-friendly web site.

Benek completed this task on time and within budget. As a quasi programmer/designer, I was very impressed with the depth of his design ability.

The reason I chose Benek was because of the clean nature of his design and the fact that his designs are search engine friendly. His HTML code and stylesheets are clear and optimized wonderfully.

Contrary to popular belief, a website full of flash and repetitive content do horrible with search engines. The simpler the design and the more concise the code, the better the search engines will index them and the more time people will spend on them.

So, if you want a killer looking website that search engines and viewers agree with, I recommend Benek Designs. I definitely will work with him again in the near future!