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Video Testimonials


"For my son (owner of da Vinci Dental Studios) to send me here... it meant a lot to me.... You couldn't find a better doctor and you couldn't be in better hands...."
Salvatrice (da Vinci's Dental Studios Mother)


"The importance in having dental work is it builds your self confidence... Everyone here at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry is very professional, very warm, receptive... I can't believe that after 12 years my teeth still look as good as they did the first day that I had them."
Blanca (Actress)


"I knew people came from all over the world to see him. I'm been very happy. I've been very pleased. It has given me more confidence, not only in my business, but in my personal life. The caring-ness to Dr. Nottingham how he is so sensitive to someones pain. I will refer everyone I know and see to Dr. Nottingham. And I'm grateful."
Floyd (Real Estate Broker)


"It sounds silly, but a lot of people always tell me I have a nice smile, and I tell them, go see Dr. Nottingham. "
Lee (Legal Assistant)


"Today I know I have beautiful teeth, and it makes me very happy and free to smile anytime... When you look at your smile after you have your teeth done, you look at the mirror and you see your face totally change... you will be more confident. For me it's easier to smile all the time!"
Doris (Dental Assistant)


"Their work is so professional. It goes beyond means. Everything is perfect... I always look at a beautiful smile... I think that brings out the beauty in people... I actually thought coming here was very relaxing... They make you feel at home and comfortable."
Mary (Former Hygienist)


"When I first arrived at the facility, I felt like I was home; they understood what I was going through... I get compliments on a daily basis on my smile. A day doesn't go by without someone complimenting me. "
Melissa (Business Owner)


Testimonial: ”I realized a change in my whole being… In essence, it was not a matter of being well; it was a matter of well being… It started as a personal thing; it is now an asset.”

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