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Fort Lauderdale, FL – Movie stars, singers, and others who make their living with their appearance have long been known for their affinity for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. What is less well known is that many of them also benefit from cosmetic dentistry.  A mouth full of straight, white teeth is something people notice about you and an essential part of looking attractive and healthy.  It’s no wonder that celebrities feel that an attractive smile is a necessity. Celebrities make use of a variety of procedures.  Below are some of the most popular.

Note: None of these celebrities are South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry patients.

Complete Makeover: It’s hard to believe that some gorgeous celebrities once had terrible teeth, but photos don’t lie. One of the best examples is Tom Cruise. He had terribly misaligned teeth that were completely overhauled through a combination of straightening and veneers. Victoria Beckham grew up ashamed of her teeth and afraid to smile because of crooked teeth and a prominent gap. She reportedly spent more than $40,000 on tooth straightening as well as veneers and whitening. Ben Affleck worked on his smile over a couple of years to correct small, unevenly spaced, off-color teeth. His makeover included crowns, veneers, and whitening treatments.

Veneers:  “Porcelain veneers are a versatile solution to a variety of cosmetic dental concerns.  They can add length to teeth, conceal gaps, fix chips, make crooked teeth look straighter, and hide permanent stains,” notes Miami cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Nottingham from South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry. Veneers are very popular with celebrities. Catherine Zeta Jones used veneers to correct gaps and reshape pointy incisors.  Singer Hillary Duff chipped a tooth on a microphone during a concert and received a row of veneers to correct the problem. Actor Timothy Olyphant used veneers to make his teeth look longer and to show less gum. Demi Moore reportedly used veneers to change the shape of her teeth and whitening treatments to brighten her smile.

Surgery/Tooth Lengthening:  For many celebs the problem is that their teeth are too small to be aesthetically pleasing or to be in proportion with the rest of their face.  George Clooney is believed to have had crown lengthening surgery, which uses lasers to move up the gumline and expose more of the tooth, making them appear longer.  Likewise Kate Bekinsale likely had deep cleaning and gum re-contouring in addition to tooth whitening procedures. A star at a young age, Miley Cyrus initially suffered from a gummy smile, crooked teeth, and prominent front teeth.  Once she became well known for her work on Hannah Montana at the tender age of 16, she invested in cosmetic dentistry.  She may have used tooth lengthening procedures or veneers (or both) to elongate her teeth and make them more uniform in size while correcting her snaggletooth look.

Straightening:  “Sometimes veneers can create straighter looking teeth, but with some patients they need a different kind of straightening method,” says Nottingham, a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist. Movie star Zac Efron used invisible braces like Invisalign to correct gaps in his teeth.  In the interest of making her teeth look more uniform, Oprah Winfrey also opted for invisible braces, which are very popular with people who are often in the public eye.  In between movies in 2003, Nicholas Cage sported traditional metal braces on his lower teeth. Gwen Stefani even managed to make braces into something of a fashion statement.

Whitening:  “Teeth bleaching or whitening is one of the least expensive and most common cosmetic dentistry procedures,” observes Nottingham, a South Florida cosmetic dentist.  “It’s a good bet that most celebrities have had their teeth whitened at some point.”  With the capacity to make your teeth up to nine shades lighter, tooth whitening is a great option for people whose teeth are straight and attractive, but discolored – whether from aging or from cigarette smoking or drinking coffee and soft drinks. Sharon Stone, Ben Affleck, Tom Cruise, and Nicholas Cage are only some of the stars who are known to have had teeth whitening done.

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To learn more about South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, visit www.smilesouthflorida.com or call (954) 721-6950 to speak with a team member to learn more about South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry’s free consultations.

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To learn more about South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, visit www.smilesouthflorida.com or call (954) 721-6950 to speak with a team member to learn more about South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry’s free consultations.

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