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We all want that beautiful smile. From an extreme makeover to tooth whitening and from restorative dentistry to adding state-of-the-art implants. However, the idea that dental treatment is only necessary if there is an obvious problem with one’s oral health is a fallacy. The issue at play concerns one’s overall health, not just one’s mouth and teeth. Doctors of dental health are perhaps the best suited medical professionals to identify and preventatively treat a wide range of health issues. The range of potential health hazards treatable by a dental health specialist vary from benign cosmetic treatments or routine checkups to gum disease and early signs of serious diseases.

One’s overall oral health is the foreshadowing of what is going on within their bodies. There is no ailment which only affects one area of your body. The body is a complete, interworking organism; therefore, when a deep-seeded medical issue takes hold, the system of the body will deploy indicators of different kinds. These can vary substantially, which is why so many fields of study exist within the medical community. However, these areas of study are not mutually exclusive unto themselves, and one’s oral health often produces the first indicators of medical conditions at work. The Academy of Oral Dentistry stated over 90% of systemic illnesses produce preliminary oral symptoms and indicators.

Most people have—or know of—a general dentist for regular checkups. However, there exist several postdoctoral fields of study in dental health, which produce specialized classifications of dental field practitioners. The most recognizable fields of specialization are that of General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry. Despite the individual areas of a dentist’s focus, any dentist who carries a doctoral degree in dentistry is trained and is board certified to perform a wide range of oral procedures. That being said, catering your specific needs to the proper dental specialist should improve both your overall experience and the quality of your results, post treatment.

Dental Fields of Study

A General Dentist (DDS) is the equivalent of your primary care physician. The field of practice which a General Dentist’s practice is most engaged in is that of oral health and dental health checkups, maintenance, preventative care, and cleaning. Cavity fillings, root canals, fluoride treatments, and many other general dental procedures fall under their domain of expertise. Occasionally, your General Dentist might treat slightly more complex problems, such as nerve disease and pulp and tooth retention issues concerning oral tissue and gums. A General Dentist who practices has been licensed and certified by a state regulated board and will recommend treatment and make appropriate referrals on a wide range of oral concerns. General Dentists should be used as one’s primary consultant, along with a physician, regarding your general health and oral health.

The positioning of teeth, in relation to jaw alignment, is a specialization of an orthodontist. These are the oral specialists whom one consults when getting braces, retainers, and any other dental device which affects one’s jaw and teeth. Orthodontists are trained and experienced in using different and intricate tools, which do not fall under a General Dentists field of expertise for the purpose of realigning the jaw and straightening teeth. Many adults may think of an orthodontist primarily for children and youths. This is a common misconception. Though realigning teeth causes less agitation the younger the person is, adult braces have become increasingly popular with Invisalign braces and other orthodontic innovations. Besides a doctoral degree from an accredited school of medical dentistry, practitioner’s license, and a state certification, orthodontists must complete two to three years of additional specialized educational training, before they can practice.

Periodontists specialize in the structures of support for one’s teeth. These are called periodontium. They include gums, the periodontal ligament, and the alveolar bone. Inflammation and a buildup of bacterial contaminants can cause periodontal diseases, which a periodontist has specialized education and training in the treatment of. A periodontist will often have over three years of postdoctoral training in their specialized field of study.

Surgical procedures of the teeth, jaw, or facial bones, are performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Some of these oral doctors even have greater specializations and acute fields of practice. Microvascular reconstruction is a specialization of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, which would be necessary post initial surgery for neck cancer patients. They can also specialize in craniofacial surgery and pediatric maxillofacial surgery, which is necessary to rectify a cleft lip or perform a palate repair. There also exists a specialization in craniomaxillofacial trauma treatment, comprising cranial reconstructive surgery and post treatments. After completing dental school, those who become oral and maxillofacial surgeons must complete a four-year residency in a hospital program, similar to MDs.

The dental services which have gained widespread popularity across the world in recent years is that of cosmetic dentistry. This field of study focuses on aesthetics of the teeth, jaw alignment, and appearance of one’s oral features, rather than the preventative nature of treatment practiced by the other dental specializations. Cosmetic Dentists often treat visual issues regarding a patient’s teeth, gums, or jaw bite and include procedures for teeth whitening, straightening, veneers, teeth bonding, and more. Cosmetic dentistry is in the same field of expertise as general dentistry, and cosmetic dentists, often have a general practice as well. It is important to find a cosmetic dentist whom you have on good recommendation.

South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry

The dental care that one receives at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry is renowned by patients and respected by industry professionals. No matter where you go to get your dental work done, your confidence and comfort depend on the practicing dentist. Dr. Charles Nottingham, of South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, exceeds expectations in every category of general and cosmetic dentistry expertise. He earned his degree from New York University and graduated from the prestigious Pankey Institute for Continuing Education. Dr. Charles Nottingham is a member of the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry (AACD) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Regionally, he is a member of the Florida Dental Association (FDA) and has received a Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD).

At South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Nottingham has gained international renown for his artful utilization of technical expertise and technology in producing patient experiences which are extraordinary. If you are one who fears the dentist’s chair and the drills in your mouth, rest at ease. Below, are some of the testimonial experiences from past patients:

“I realized a change in my whole being… in essence, it was not a matter of being well; it was a matter of wellbeing… it started as a personal thing; it is now an asset. My smile makeover has changed me forever”

“Your skillful hands painlessly transformed my embarrassing teeth into beautifully crafted little works of art that I love.”

“I love my beautiful smile and teeth. Before, I was never confident. Now, following tooth whitening and smile makeover even my friends and family constantly remind me of how warm and great my smile is! It is an amazing feeling. Your cosmetic skills, attention to detail and overall dental care are second to none. Thanks you for giving me a permanent smile.”

For those who live in or around Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, or anywhere in the South Florida area, gift yourself the peace of mind in the quality cosmetic dentistry services at South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry. When you are ready to improve your overall appearance and health, with Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Bonding, Invisalign braces or Crowns, give Dr. Nottingham a call at to schedule a consultation.