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Cosmetic Dentist Boca Raton, Dr. Charles Nottingham

Boca Raton, FL – Cosmetic dentist Boca Raton, Dr. Charles Nottingham is rated number one among the 86 dentists Dr. Oogle ranks in the Boca Raton area. With 43 reviews, Dr. Nottingham’s South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry practice received a perfect score of five stars.

Dr. Oogle, which calls itself the Good Dentist Guide, contains more than 151, 448 patient reviews of dentists all over the U.S. Each boca raton cosmetic dentist is rated on a scale of one to five stars in five different categories: facilities, service, painlessness, cost, and results.  Patients can also leave comments that describe what services they received and what their experience was like.  Some describe the procedure and specify the cost – information that can be valuable for potential patients – and some also evaluate the experience they have with dental hygienist.

The ratings are based on voluntary opinions from patients.  The more positive reviews a cosmetic dentist boca raton  has, the higher their ranking will be – so the system favors those practitioners with multiple ratings. The staff at Dr. Oogle actively monitors the reviews and enforces its policies to prevent manipulation by the dentists or their competitors. If a review seems “too good to be true” or “too bad to be true,” the staff may contact the poster for additional details.  Postings from friends and family of the dentists are considered spam and are removed. Dentists are not allowed to post testimonials or to insert opinions about other dentists; dentists found giving other dentists negative reviews will be suspended from the website.  Each patient is allowed to post only one time about a particular dentist.

“I am very grateful to my patients for giving me such glowing reviews,” said cosmetic dentist boca raton  Dr. Nottingham. “It’s very satisfying to know what they are pleased with the work I do and that my services are appreciated.”

One patient who’s been visiting  cosmetic dentist Dr. Nottingham for two years, writes on Dr. Oogle: “Nottingham is excellent, I’ve already recommended him to friends and he’s doing work on their teeth…Doris, the dental assistant is always very cheerful, friendly and professional. You’ll love everyone at this office. It worth the expense-you’ll have beautiful teeth.”

Another patient writes: “I can say that every appointment…is nothing less than exceptional. The doctors, the staff, and the hygienists all are highly trained and offer a great patient experience. I never feel like I’m at the dentist…it’s like a dental spa!”  A different patient rated the practice as very gentle and professional, sayings:  “Going to the dentist is not fun, but going to this office has been fun. Dr Nottingham,  cosmetic dentist boca raton, and staff have done a great job to provide me with a healthy gum, and a beautiful smile. I have and always will recommend them to others.”

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